Analyzing Images with Chat GPT-4 : A First Look

In this article we are going to check can chat GPT analyse images or not and we are also testing weather the new feature of chat GPT-4 is analyse the image or not

Chat GPT-4 is a powerful language model that has been making waves in the world of artificial intelligence. One of its latest features is image analysis, which allows users to analyze images and identify objects, people, or other features present in the image. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Chat GPT-4 analyzes images and what it can do.

Introduction to Image Analysis with Chat GPT-4

As a language model, Chat GPT-4 is now capable of understanding and interpreting natural language. With the addition of image analysis, it now got the ability to analyze images as well with the latest update. Image analysis allows the model to identify objects, people, or other features present in the image, providing a deeper understanding of the image’s content.

Testing Chat GPT-4’s Image Analysis Feature

To test amd check [ Can chat gpt analyse images ? ] Chat GPT-4’s image analysis feature, we uploaded an image of a bowl of caramel gelato with whipped cream, nuts, and caramel sauce. We asked Chat GPT-4 how it works, and it provided us with three options. We chose the option to share the URL of the image, as it was already uploaded to a website.

Initially, we made the mistake of trying to share an image from our local drive, but Chat GPT-4 informed us that it cannot access images on local file paths. We then provided it with the URL of the image, and it came back with a puzzling response.

“Thank you for providing the URL to the image. Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to view images or analyze their content directly. However, I can help you with the format, size, and resolution.”

Confused by this response, we asked Chat GPT-4 to analyze the image, but it only provided us with details related to the properties of the image. We reminded it that it had previously said it could analyze an image if provided with the URL.

“I apologize for that confusion in my earlier response. If you provide me with the URL, I can use image recognition technology to analyze the image and identify any objects, people, or other features that may be present.”

We provided Chat GPT-4 with the URL again, and this time it was able to analyze the image using image recognition technology. It identified the image as a bowl of caramel gelato with whipped cream, nuts, and caramel sauce served in a fancy restaurant or dining setting. It also provided details about the composition, lighting, and overall aesthetic of the image.

Analyzing Images with Chat GPT-4: A First Look
Analyzing Images with Chat GPT-4: A First Look @ credit youtube Superpowered Marketing


Overall, our experience testing Chat GPT-4’s image analysis feature was positive. Although there was some initial confusion about how to provide the image to the model, once we provided the URL, it was able to analyze the image accurately and provide us with useful insights. We look forward to testing this feature further and seeing where it takes us.


can chat gpt analyze images ?

only GPT-4 can analyze image , not old version

Can Chat GPT-4 analyze any type of image?

Chat GPT-4 can analyze most images, as long as they are provided with a URL that can be accessed.

How accurate is Chat GPT-4’s image analysis?

Chat GPT-4’s image analysis is generally accurate, although it may not always identify all objects or features in an image.

Can Chat GPT-4 analyze multiple images at once?

Chat GPT-4 can only analyze one image at a time.

Is Chat GPT-4’s image analysis feature available to everyone?

Currently, the image analysis feature is only available to certain users who have access to Chat GPT-4.


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