Aquabot S600 Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner: The Affordable Solution for Sparkling Clean Pools

Aquabot S600 Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner – The Affordable, Efficient Way to Keep Your Pool Clean All Summer Long

If you’re a pool owner, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean and fresh for use. And if you’re looking for an affordable, efficient way to do that, the Aquabot S600 Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner may be just what you need.

What is the Aquabot S600 Prime?

The Aquabot S600 Prime is a smart, energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner that is designed to keep your pool sparkling clean with minimal effort on your part. It is ideal for both above ground and inground pools up to 60 feet. This affordable and efficient pool cleaner is equipped with a rich feature set that makes it stand out from other pool cleaners in its price range.

Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner with Active Scrubbing Brush, AutoX Pool Mapping, Dual High Capacity Filters, Wall Climbing, and 2 Year Warranty

Aquabot X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner with Active Scrubbing Brush, AutoX Pool Mapping, Dual High Capacity Filters, Wall Climbing, and 2 Year Warranty
  • Awarded “Best Value Awarded “Best Value Robot” based on rich feature set combined with the low price – 360° Anti-Tangle Swivel + Oversized 190 Cubic Inch Top-Loading Cartridge + Automatic Timer + 2 Year Warranty
  • Ideal for all pool shapes (above ground and inground) up to 60 feet.
  • Industry-leading pumps circulate 85 GPM for a cleaner pool with fewer chemicals. All while being highly energy efficient.
  • AutoX Pool Mapping calculates the pool shape and the best cleaning cycle for speed and efficiency.
  • 4WD traction and micro-brushes ensure total cleaning coverage even on walls

Pros of the Aquabot S600 Prime

  1. Energy-efficient: The Aquabot S600 Prime Circulates 85 GPM for a cleaner pool with fewer chemicals, all while being highly energy-efficient. This ensures that you have a clean and healthy swimming environment without having to spend too much on electricity bills.
  2. AutoX Pool Mapping: The Aquabot S600 Prime sizes up your pool to determine the dimensions and optimum cleaning cycle for your pool. All you have to do is drop the robot in, and it’s smart enough to do the rest. This feature is especially helpful for those with irregularly shaped pools or those who want to maximize their cleaning efficiency.
  3. Tough on Debris, Easy to Clean: With the Aquabot S600 Prime, you no longer have to worry about missed spots. Its large, sturdy filter baskets hold up to 190 cubic inches of dirt, algae, leaves, twigs, and more before needing to be cleaned. This means less time spent on maintenance and more time spent enjoying your pool.
  4. Anti-Tangle Swivel: This feature ensures that the robot can roam and climb without building up any tension in its 60-foot power cable. This allows it to cover every inch of your pool without any interruptions due to tangled cords.
  5. Active Scrubbing Brush: The Aquabot S600 Prime’s rotating microbrush agitates your pool’s surface and loosens up stubborn dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria as it moves for some serious, machine-delivered elbow grease. This feature ensures that your pool is not only clean but also free from harmful contaminants that can affect your health.
  6. Programmable Timer: You can easily schedule cleanings with the Aquabot S600 Prime’s programmable timer. Choose your preferred length and frequency of cleanings, with programmed settings for 1, 1.5, or 2-hour cleaning cycles, and timer settings to run automatically every 48, 72, or 96 hours. This customizable feature allows you to set it and forget it, ensuring that your pool is always sparkling clean.
  7. Dual High Capacity Filters: The Aquabot S600 Prime uses ultra-fine mesh filter baskets to capture dirt, debris, and fine particles as small as 2 microns. That’s water filtration on par with most drinking water filters for a super clean pool. This ensures that your pool is free from any unwanted debris or contaminants, giving you peace of mind and a healthy swimming environment.
  8. Wall Climbing Like Never Before: The Aquabot S600 Prime’s extreme 4-wheel drive combined with its high-grip wheels deliver superior traction on all surfaces. Watch it power up and over floor-to-wall transitions for partial wall cleaning. This feature ensures that every inch of your pool, including the walls, is properly covered and cleaned, leaving no area untouched.

Cons of the Aquabot S600 Prime

  1. Requires electricity: As an electric pool cleaner, the Aquabot S600 Prime requires electricity to operate. This means that you will need to have a power source nearby or use an extension cord to connect to an outlet.
  2. Can be noisy: Like most pool cleaners, the Aquabot S600 Prime can be noisy when operating. While it’s not unbearable, it may be a concern for those who want to enjoy their pool in peace and quiet.
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Anybody looking for a cheap, effective way to keep their swimming pool clean and fresh all summer long may consider the Aquabot S600 Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner as the ideal option. Its low cost and extensive feature set make it an excellent bargain, and its AutoX Pool Mapping technology makes sure that no spot is overlooked. The Aquabot S600 Prime is an absolute necessity for any pool owner, thanks to its robust cleaning powers and simple-to-clean filter baskets.


Is the Aquabot S600 Prime easy to install?

Yes, the Aquabot S600 Prime is very easy to install. Simply plug it in, drop it into your pool, and let it do the rest.

Can the Aquabot S600 Prime clean walls in addition to floors?

Yes, the Aquabot S600 Prime can climb walls and clean them as well as the floors.

How often should I run the Aquabot S600 Prime?

It depends on your pool usage and environment, but typically running the Aquabot S600 Prime once or twice a week is sufficient to keep your pool clean.

How do I clean the filter baskets?

The filter baskets are easily removable and washable with a garden hose. Simply rinse them thoroughly and replace them back into the Aquabot S600 Prime.

Is the Aquabot S600 Prime energy-efficient?

Yes, the Aquabot S600 Prime is highly energy-efficient.


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