My name is Chetan Mali, I have a background in mechanical engineering, but my true passion lies in the field of artificial intelligence. I started this blog as a way to share my knowledge and experience with others who are interested in learning more about AI.

Top 6+1 AI Logo Generators of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Top 6+1 AI Logo Generators of 2024 (Free & Paid)

In the digital age, a logo serves as a vital pillar of a company’s brand identity. As AI capabilities have rapidly advanced in recent years, logo design has witnessed a transformative shift driven by the emergence of AI-powered logo generators.…

10 Must-Have Tools to Enhance Your Writing Skills!

10 Must-Have Tools to Enhance Your Writing Skills!

Hello! Writing just became simpler with these amazing AI tools. 10 Must-Have Tools to Enhance Your Writing Skills! They make writing easy, so give them a try and enjoy a smoother writing journey! The way people write has changed a…

7+1 Awesome AI Tools You Should Totally Check Out!

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the world of cool AI tools that won’t cost you a dime? We’ve got the lowdown on 7+1 must-try tools that will rock your digital world. Originally spotted on, these tools…

Supermanage AI ? Features & How to Use

What is Supermanage AI ?

Supermanage AI is a management tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help managers prepare for one-on-one meetings. It displays insights from public Slack channels into a customized employee brief.  Supermanage AI aims to improve managerial efficiency in the business sector. It helps…

How to Use Gemini AI in Bard 2024

How to Use Gemini AI in Bard: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the power of Gemini AI, Google’s most advanced AI model, and learn how to use it within the Bard chatbot. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps to access and utilize Gemini AI, provide tips and tricks, and…

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