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Welcome to AIVATAPI! You’ve reached the page to become a contributor to my Tech and Tricks Blog. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, you’ll find the necessary information and guidelines below.

Now you can submit your article on AIVATAPI, you have guest post opportunities on many topics. Just keep reading. It is better chance to become a guest writer.

Benefits of Submit Guest Post

Submitting a guest post offers numerous advantages on any platform, not exclusive to AIVATAPI. Firstly, it provides visibility to an established audience. Crafting compelling content ensures exposure to the blog’s existing readership. In WordPress, your post automatically features on the homepage for a few days, presenting an opportunity to leverage this audience instead of solely seeking a backlink.

You can

Enhance your branding by showcasing your guest post on your site’s dedicated “My Guest Blogs” page. Highlight that you’ve been featured on AIVATAPI, and consider mentioning other sites you’ve contributed to for added credibility and recognition.

Benefit from AI VATAPI

Authorship Acknowledgment:

  • The first line of your guest post will mention your name, presented as “Guest post courtesy of [Your Name].”

Author Box:

  • Enjoy an author box where you can showcase:
    • Your image
    • A compelling description aimed at impressing users and promoting your blog and brands.


  • You will receive one nofollow backlink within the post.

Link Policy:

  • Currently, we do not provide any free links within posts.
  • For a dofollow link, consider opting for a paid post or sponsor post.
  • For paid post Contact me.

Contributor Guidelines, Guest Post Guidelines

Content Quality:

  • Ensure that the post is fresh, well-written, and original. Spun content will not be accepted, as it can be easily detected.

Originality Matters:

  • Avoid submitting articles that are copied or poorly written. Only high-quality, original content will be considered.

Preferred Topics:

  • Guest posts are encouraged on the following topics:
    • Tech
    • AI software
    • AI Generators
    • AI image creator apps
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Apps for PC
    • APK download
    • Top and Best Articles
    • Gadgets
    • VPN-related articles
    • Software

Word Count Requirement:

  • The article length should exceed 800 words to ensure comprehensive and informative content.

How to Submit Guest Post

  1. Confirmation of Contribution:
    • If you’ve decided to contribute to our site, finalize your article for submission.
  2. Article Submission:
    • Submit your content directly to my email for publishing.
  3. Link Inclusion Policy:
    • Please note that guest posts cannot include any links within the post itself. For link inclusion, opt for a paid post.
  4. Subject Line for Casino and Betting Links:
    • If your email concerns casino and betting links, kindly mention it in the subject line for efficient processing.
  5. Submission Email:
    • Send your blog post to: inyourserve[at]
  6. Direct Contact for Contributors:
    • Feel free to reach out directly if you’re interested in becoming a contributor or have any inquiries.
  7. You can also contact directly if you want to Become a Contributor.

contact us:

  • Email : You can send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
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