Can Chat GPT Pass the Bar Exam?

Can Chat GPT Ace the Bar Exam?

Chat GPT, the AI language model that took the world by storm since its release in November 2020, has been making headlines for its ability to replace human writers and pass standardized law assessments. But, can it really pass the bar exam, the ultimate test for aspiring lawyers? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Bar Exam: The Ultimate Test for Aspiring Lawyers

The bar exam is the final hurdle for individuals looking to become licensed lawyers. In order to practice law in the US, one must pass the specific bar exam of the state they wish to practice in. The test is notorious for its difficulty, with pass rates sometimes as low as 30%.

Chat GPT Takes on the Bar Exam Professors from Illinois Tech and Michigan State College of Law put GPT-3.5 to the test by administering the multistate bar exam (MBE). To their surprise, they found that the model achieved a passing rate on two categories of the bar exam and scored similar marks to human test-takers on another. The results demonstrate that GPT-3.5 has a solid understanding of the legal domain.

But, can Chat GPT handle other law exams?

University of Minnesota law professors put the AI model to the test by making it take four assessments covering different courses in the university’s law degree. Although the chatbot’s scores were mediocre, only earning a C+, it still passed nonetheless. These findings suggest that Chat GPT has the potential to secure a degree in law if it were a student at the college.

Final Thoughts OpenAI’s language models are truly impressive, and its ability to pass exams is undeniable. The recent passing mark on the bar exam is just the tip of the iceberg of what AI can do in the legal field. The future is definitely worth keeping an eye on as AI continues to evolve and disrupt various industries.


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