Can GPT-4 create AI videos? | Brown called the GPT-4 a game changer

The artificial intelligence (AI) community is excited as Microsoft Germany’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Andreas Braun announced that the company will launch the fourth-generation Large Language Model (LLM) GPT-4 next week.

Natural language understanding is now possible because to this ground-breaking technology, and GPT-4 is rumoured to have even more capabilities than its predecessors. Multimodality, video processing, and quicker answers are a few of these.

During the AI ​​in Focus – Digital Kickoff event in Germany, Braun called the GPT-4 an AI game changer. He believes this will be another leap towards accurate human interpretation. Media outlet Heise was the first to report the announcement.

They discussed the possibility for value creation utilising AI, with [Marianne Janick]he, CEO of Microsoft in Germany, stating that it does not always result in job losses. Companies should put more effort into teaching their staff how to use AI efficiently.

Microsoft has expressed its plan to integrate AI into its products. Microsoft Teams, Bing and Edge are currently equipped with ChatGPT. With GPT-4, Bing is expected to be more efficient at searching for information and providing faster results.

GPT-4 will likely have multimodal capabilities that provide users to use multiple modes such as text, images, videos, and sounds. Unlike the previous generation, which could only produce texts [ GPT-4 ] will be a multimodal language model. Users can manage data input and output in different languages.

One exciting development is that several reports indicate that GPT-4 will be able to generate videos. OpenAI is reportedly working on a mobile app powered by GPT-4 that will give users the ability to create videos with the help of AI.

GPT-4 is can also to provide faster responses than GPT-3.5. Reports todl that responses from the next-gen GPT-4 will be more human-like, and any changes will be integrated into Bing Chat in the future. Although Microsoft Germany has not confirmed that GPT-4 will be integrated into Bing Chat, the company’s investment in Open AI makes this possible.

The launch of GPT-4 is eagerly awaited and is expected to be a significant step forward in AI technology. Microsoft’s continued investment in AI is expected to improve the capabilities of its products, making them more efficient and effective. When GPT-4 is implemented, it will be exciting to see how this technology will revolutionize the AI ​​industry.


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