ChatGPT Alternatives: Top AI ChatBots 2023

OpenAI’s Chat GPT:/ The Reality of High-Performing AI Chatbots” Chat GPT, developed by OpenAI, is a highly-performing AI chatbot that allows users to communicate in a conversational manner.

It’s open-source nature allows users to suggest any improvements they’d like to see. As a result, this technology has taken the internet by storm with millions of users, however, there have been some issues with this chatbot when it reaches capacity, making it inaccessible for users.

When Chat GPT is at Capacity: Quality Alternatives to Consider

When and why Chat GPT is not accessible, it’s good to know about some quality alternatives that can help you level up your AI game more easily. Some are more complex and some are far more accessible, while some are free and others have pricing structures. It’s important to consider what specific application you need and the pricing options that best fit your budget.

Chat GPT Alternatives: Examples to Enhance Your AI Experience”

One of the top Chat GPT alternatives is Bloom, an open-source multi-language model that has 384 graphic cards with a total of 80 GB of memory to train with 176 billion parameters. Another alternative is Chinchilla, a project developed by DeepMind researchers, known as the “GPT3 Killer” with 70 billion protocols and four times more data than Gopher. Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation, developed by Microsoft and Nvidia, is another great English language model with 530 billion parameters.

Bloom and Chinchilla AI : The Top Chat GPT Alternatives

From Bloom to Chinchilla: The Top Chat GPT Alternatives, Jasper AI, previously known as Jarvis, is another great writing model that has acquired other writing tools like Shortly AI and Headline, which will be integrated into Jasper in the coming years. Replika is similar to Chat GPT in conversational uses and ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is a language learning app available on Android and iOS platforms.

The Future of AI Writing: Meet Megatron-Turing and Jasper

Megatron-Turing Natural Language Generation is one of the best English language models, trained on SuperPOD by the Selene supercomputer. Jasper AI, on the other hand, allows users to select a topic and fill out the relevant form, and will create an article according to the instructions entered. It offers a 5-day free trial with a starter plan starting at $24 per month.

Conversational AI: Replika and ELSA Offer Similarities to Chat GPT

Replika is an AI chatbot that can talk and give text replies at any time without delay, similar to Chat GPT. ELSA, on the other hand, is a language learning app that analyzes users’ speech and helps them learn and understand the language. Both Replika and ELSA have free and Pro options with different pricing.

Final Thoughts: Chat GPT Alternatives for Specific Applications and Pricing

There are many Chat GPT alternatives available, some with more specific applications than others. Rytr, Socratic and Faceapp, for example, uses AI modeling on imagery. It’s important to consider what specific application you need and the pricing options that best fit your budget when choosing a Chat GPT alternative.


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