Does AI Dungeon Save Your Stories?

AI Dungeon presents an interactive, text-based adventure game that empowers players to craft their own narratives with the aid of AI-generated responses. However, what fate befalls these tales once they come to life?  Do they get saved, or are they lost forever? This elucidating piece aims to address these inquiries and more.

How to Save Your Stories in AI Dungeon

The process of safeguarding your stories within AI Dungeon is quite effortless. Simply exit the game and access the menu located in the top left corner. From there, navigate to “My Stories,” where you can effortlessly retrieve all your previous endeavors. Furthermore, if you so desire, you have the option to share your creations with others.

Do Adventures Automatically Save in AI Dungeon?

Indeed, AI Dungeon excels in automatically preserving your adventures. Should an untimely closure or an unexpected device shutdown occur, you need not fret over losing any progress. This feature proves to be a boon for avid players who wish to seamlessly continue their escapades without starting anew.

How to Play AI Dungeon

To immerse yourself in the world of AI Dungeon, you must first select a captivating backdrop and choose one of three input modes: Do, Say, or Story. Depending on your preferred mode of interaction, you are free to type anything your heart desires, and the AI will respond with what it perceives as a natural progression of the narrative. However, it is advisable to employ the second person present tense, as it aligns with the AI’s training and garners optimal responses.

Tips for a Good Story AI Dungeon

If you want to create a good story in AI Dungeon, here are a few quick tips:

  • Be clear when describing a character or setting.
  • Use tools like Undo, Redo, Retry, and Edit to control the action.
  • Live out your wild ideas however you want: you’re in charge!

Saving World Info Entries

When constructing your story in AI Dungeon, you possess the ability to retain vital world information entries, which aid the AI in comprehending your narrative better. These entries encompass character descriptions, settings, and other pertinent details. Be meticulous in providing clear and concise descriptions of characters and settings, employing keywords that resonate with the AI’s understanding.


In essence, AI Dungeon diligently safeguards your stories by implementing an automatic preservation system, effectively assuaging concerns about lost progress. Moreover, a multitude of methods exist to enhance your narrative, including utilizing world info entries and making full use of the available toolkit. With AI Dungeon as your guide, the boundaries of storytelling become boundless, and you are the maestro of your own extraordinary odyssey.


Can I save my stories in AI Dungeon?

Yes, you can save your stories in AI Dungeon by accessing the “My Stories” menu in the top left corner of the game.

Do adventures automatically save in AI Dungeon?

Yes, adventures in AI Dungeon automatically save, so you won’t lose any progress if you accidentally close out of the game or your device shuts down unexpectedly.

How do I access my saved stories in AI Dungeon?

To access your saved stories in AI Dungeon, go to the “My Stories” menu in the top left corner of the game.

Can I share my stories with others in AI Dungeon?

Yes, you can share your stories with others in AI Dungeon by accessing the “My Stories” menu and selecting the story you want to share. From there, you can choose to share it via a link or on social media.

What are world info entries in AI Dungeon?

World info entries in AI Dungeon are descriptions of characters, settings, and other elements of your story that can help the AI understand your story better. You can save these entries to refer back to later.

What input modes are available in AI Dungeon?

There are three input modes available in AI Dungeon: Do, Say, and Story. Depending on what kind of interaction you want, you can type in anything you want and the AI will respond with what it thinks is a natural continuation of the text.

What tense should I use when playing AI Dungeon?

It’s best to use second person present tense when playing AI Dungeon, as that’s what it’s trained on and responds best to.


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