Google, Microsoft and… Where’s Apple in Generative AI?

The world of technology is abuzz with talk of ChatGPT, a powerful AI-powered tool, and the generative AI revolution that it represents. But, while tech giants like Google and Microsoft are all-in on this new frontier, one major player seems to be missing out: Apple.

AI Chatbots: Old News, Generative AI: A New Frontier Tech companies have been pushing AI for years, with applications in voice assistants, image editing, and object recognition. Apple has not been left behind, with a Neural Engine in all its chips and research into self-driving cars. But generative AI represents a new class of AI, capable of creating entirely new content from a minimal text input.

The Current Players in Generative AI ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is the current headline-maker in the generative AI world. The advanced chatbot is being used in business to generate articles, emails, templates, and more, despite some controversy. Students are using it to write entire papers, and there’s a race underway to develop tools to detect ChatGPT-written assignments. Google and Microsoft have both announced their own conversational AI products, Bard and Bing with Edge browser respectively, in response to the perceived threat posed by ChatGPT.

The generative AI revolution is not limited to text, with exciting new AI tools emerging in the art world and in video production, with deepfakes already making waves. Despite being in their infancy, these AI models are doubling in complexity and sophistication every six months, and they are poised to play a massive role in our future.

Where Does Apple Fit In? The most valuable tech company on earth seems to be sitting this revolution out. While Apple was a pioneer in the AI assistant space with Siri, they failed to invest enough to fend off competitors. Is history repeating itself with generative AI, or does Apple have something amazing up its sleeve that they’re keeping secret?


The generative AI revolution is just beginning, and the implications are far-reaching and profound. Companies like Google and Microsoft are staking their claims and building their positions, but the biggest player in tech is noticeably absent. Only time will tell whether Apple is missing out on a complete revolution in computing or if they have something even more exciting in store for us.

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