How to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp?


Hello There, are you searching to connect WhatsApp and ChatGPT? You’re in luck because this article will guide you through each stage of the procedure.

Modern AI chatbot ChatGPT can compose essays and respond to queries. Since OpenAI made it available last month, it has attracted a lot of attention. It is a significant advancement in the field of generative AI, which has received massive investment from the tech sector.

By building a bot using the WhatsApp Business API and linking it to the OpenAI API, we can get ChatGPT to function on WhatsApp. Two strategies exist for doing this:

Method 1: Create a WhatsApp Bot and Connect it to ChatGPT

  • First, you’ll need to register for the WhatsApp Business API
  • Next, you’ll create a stream for the chat
  • Then, you’ll use a chat builder
  • After that, you’ll test your chatbot
  • Finally, you’ll deploy the API chatbot to your phone
  • Next, you’ll create an OpenAI API account
  • Go to the API key page and create a new secret key
  • Use the OpenAI API to connect it to your WhatsApp bot

Method 2: Set Your WhatsApp Number Using a Python Script and Send off ChatGPT Simultaneously

  • Download the code from GitHub ( )
  • Download the zip file
  • Execute in the terminal
  • Type ‘ls’ and hit enter
  • Type ‘python’ and hit enter
  • Confirmation
  • ChatGPT will be integrated into your WhatsApp account

Inventor Daniel made this Python script that makes it simple to register your WhatsApp number and use ChatGPT with it.

It’s pivotal to bear in mind that these ways can be used to combine ChatGPT with WhatsApp, but if the integration is n’t genuine, there’s a implicit your account may be blocked by WhatsApp. As a result, it’s stylish to use caution.

The chatbot may respond to questions posed by WhatsApp druggies by using the WhatsApp API and connecting it to ChatGPT. And that’s how you can use ChatGPT on WhatsApp.

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