My Hero Academia Just Dropped a BOMBSHELL! Buckle Up for Chapter 410’s Epic Showdown!

Hey, My Hero Academia fans! Big news alert – Chapter 410 is dropping soon, and it’s packing more punch than All Might on a caffeine high. Brace yourselves for the inside scoop!

Bakugou’s Epic Fight Aftermath: What Happened?

Last chapter ended with Bakugou throwing down with AFO. Now, we’re all itching to know what went down after the smoke cleared. Trust me, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Deku Vs. Shigaraki: The Battle of the Century

Hold onto your quirks, people! Leaks are spilling the tea on the showdown we’ve all been dying for – Deku Vs. Shigaraki. This battle is like the grand finale fireworks show, and I bet you’re placing bets on who’s gonna own the ring.

Release Date Drop: Save the Date!

Okay, impatient peeps, mark your calendars – Chapter 410 is hitting the shelves on December 24, 2023. Don’t snooze on this or you’ll miss the manga party!

And for the global squad, here are the release times in your hood:

  • 8 am PST: Pacific Standard Time
  • 11 am EST: Eastern Standard Time
  • 3 pm GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
  • 4 pm CET: Central European Time
  • 8:30 pm IST: Indian Standard Time
  • 11 pm PST: Philippine Standard Time
  • 1:30 am ACST (Dec 25): Australia Central Standard Time

Bakugou’s Smart Moves: Chapter 409 Recap

Quick flashback to Chapter 409 – Bakugou went full genius mode in his showdown with AFO. Explosive moves, surprise tactics – our hero knew how to hit where it hurts. AFO got a beatdown, and Bakugou’s brainpower stole the show!

Countdown to the Finale: What’s Next?

As the manga gears up for the big finish, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Heroes and villains are throwing down like it’s the ultimate showdown, and we’re all on the edge of our seats. My Hero Academia Chapter 410 is about to drop bombs of awesome – stay tuned!

Final Words:

Alright, superhero lovers! My Hero Academia is closing in on the final act, and Chapter 410 is your golden ticket to the ultimate manga madness. Expect feels, thrills, and maybe a tear or two – it’s gonna be a wild ride! See you on December 24th for the manga party – don’t be late!


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