Opera Takes the Next Step in AI Integration with ChatGPT

Opera, the popular web browsing application, is taking its game to the next level. The company has announced its plans to integrate a ChatGPT-powered tool into its browser’s sidebar, making browsing and searching more efficient and personalized for users.

The feature, called “Shorten”, will generate brief summaries of webpages and articles, allowing users to get an overview of the content quickly without having to read the entire piece. To use Shorten, users can simply click the button located to the right of the address bar, activating the ChatGPT sidebar on the left of the browser, generating a clean and concise summary of the article or webpage being viewed.

Joining the AI Revolution

Opera’s integration of AI technology into its browser is part of a growing trend in the tech industry to make browsing and searching more efficient for users. Companies like Microsoft and Google are already leading the way with AI-powered search engines, Bing and Bard, respectively. Bing will have an AI chatbot that delivers annotated replies to searches, while Bard generates a summary of webpages and articles.

The Future is Now

Jan Standel, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Opera, confirmed that the Shorten feature will soon be available to everyone. With more and more companies embracing AI technology in their products, it’s likely that we will see even more innovative solutions in the near future that will further enhance our online experience.

Opera’s integration of ChatGPT into its browser’s sidebar is a major step forward in the tech industry’s efforts to make browsing and searching more efficient and personalized for users. The Shorten feature promises to provide a quick and easy way for users to get an overview of the content they are viewing, saving them time and effort in the process.

Get ready for an AI-powered browsing experience like never before. Opera’s Shorten feature, powered by ChatGPT, is coming soon to a browser near you!


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