[text2img] Transform Your ideas into AI Art with Midjourney


AI image generators like DALL-E 2 are very popular. They allow people to enter strange prompts and see what kind of images are generated. Midjourney is a more advanced tool for creating these types of images, and you can try it out now.

What Is Midjourney?

As you know DALL-E 2 is one famous text to image generator tool . Based on a brief text input, it is capable of producing whole new graphics. For instance, DALL-E 2 will produce an image of a robot eating a taco if you type the instruction “a robot eating a taco.

Another tool that may produce these kinds of graphics is Midjourney, which is more sophisticated than some others.

Craiyon, originally known as “DALL-E tiny,” is at a lower level. Anyone can use this free web tool, however it isn’t quite as advanced as DALL-E 2. Even if the outcomes are frequently unusual and slightly spooky, playing with them is nevertheless a lot of fun.

Midjourney is an AI and machine learning based tool that generates images based on text prompts, similar to DALL-E 2 and Craiyon.

The quality of the images produced by Midjourney is usually quite good, although they may not be as impressive as those produced by DALL-E 2.

The beta version of Midjourney is currently available for anyone to try (as of August 2022), unlike DALL-E 2 which may have a waiting period.

How to Use Midjourney Beta

If you want to use Midjourney beta, you just need a Discord account. You can create a free account on Discord’s website.

After signing up, you can use Discord in a web browser or download the app in Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iPhone.

  • To join the Midjourney beta, visit the Midjourney website ( click here ) and click on Join the Beta.
[text2img] Transform Your ideas into AI Art with Midjourney
[text2img] Transform Your ideas into AI Art with Midjourney
  • Choose any newbies server and click on it
[text2img] Transform Your ideas into AI Art with Midjourney
[text2img] Transform Your ideas into AI Art with Midjourney
  • type /imagine [prompt] : “your text” , first time you have to accept that . All set now you can generate images from text.


In this way know how to generate images from text or how to use midjourney and generate images. So I think your all doubts are clear so go and Transform Your ideas into AI Art. If any problem you face comment down below thank you

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