Don't wait! Hear from Bill Gates on the future of 

Nuclear Energy and AI today!

1. Bill Gates has founded a nuclear power plant, which will use liquid sodium to cool the system.

 The new plant, which has been in the works for 15 years, is set to open in 2030.

 TerraPower, founded by Gates, hopes to revolutionize the nuclear energy industry in the U.S.

 Gates believes that nuclear energy, if done right, will help solve climate goals without making electricity systems more expensive or less reliable.

The new reactor will be safe and practical for the future.

The reactor produces dramatically less waste than previous models.

The plant will employ hundreds of construction workers and previous employees from the coal plant.

Gates emphasized the importance of reintegrating older energy industries into future energy industries as a way of revitalizing communities.

Gates also spoke with ABC News about his opinions on AI, which he views as game-changing.

He sees big potential for AI to create shockwaves in all industries where it will change the way we think about things.

Gates voiced his concerns regarding the rapid advance of the technology and the negative consequences if it were to be used with bad intentions.

Gates believes that the pros of AI outweigh the cons and that the conversation around it is headed in the right direction.

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