Jordi "Kwebbelkop" Van Den Bussche, a popular gaming YouTuber with 15 million subscribers, created an AI replacement of himself.

– Kwebbelkop's AI clone is designed to look, sound, and act like him to continue creating content without his direct involvement.

– The YouTuber faced burnout after years of hard work on his channel and wanted to take a break while the AI handled content creation.

– He sees the AI as a way to make his brand live on forever and transition from being an influencer to exploring new opportunities.

– Kwebbelkop's AI uploaded its first video on August 1, and while he didn't disclose the specific tools used, Wired speculates they might be similar to those from Forever Voices and

– Kwebbelkop believes that human burnout is a significant issue in content creation, and the AI will perform while he works in the background.

– The decision to use AI comes with the realization that humans can be a limiting factor due to burnout in content creation.

– Kwebbelkop's focus is on evolving his brand with the help of AI to continue entertaining his audience.