Rebecca Jarvis, the ABC Chief Business, Economics & Technology Correspondent, and her husband, Matt Hanson, have welcomed their second baby together, a son named Leo.

Their baby boy, whom they welcomed via surrogate, joins big sister Isabel Noemi, 4½.

The couple announced the birth of their son on Wednesday's episode of Good Morning America.

Jarvis said that she and her husband had always envisioned having two children, but their journey to pregnancy hadn't been easy. She had experienced infertility and undergone several rounds of in vitro fertilization.

Two years ago, we had just experienced another miscarriage in the IVF journey, and that catalyzed the search for another route," Hanson said. "And so we had attempted to climb that mountain too many times unsuccessfully and determined that together we would try a different path.

The couple decided to pursue surrogacy, and they were matched with a woman who they consider to be their "angel."

"When we left New York to witness the birth, I couldn't get over how surreal the whole thing was," Jarvis said. "That and just feeling so happy, but also how strange it was that we were gonna get on an airplane, fly across the country, and, God willing, come home with a baby boy."

Jarvis said that she held her breath every step of the way, but that she was ultimately overjoyed when she finally met her son.

"To be able to look at Matt and say, 'We are having a baby. We're having another baby. Isabel is going to have a little brother. Our family will be a family of four...'" Jarvis said. "It was truly magical."

The couple is excited to introduce their son to their daughter, Isabel.

"We're so excited for Isabel to have a little brother," Hanson said. "She's been asking for a sibling for a long time, and I know she's going to be the best big sister."

Jarvis and Hanson are grateful for the opportunity to have a second child, and they hope that their story will give other families hope.

"We wanted to give other families hope and make other people feel like they're less alone on this path," Jarvis said. "We were hoping that other people going through this would be able to feel a little less alone and that they have the resources to think about their journey forward as well."