Winter Cocktails to Warm Your Soul

– As the winter chill sets in, nothing beats the warmth and comfort of a delicious and heartwarming cocktail. – Move beyond the classic eggnog and explore a world of flavors with these five easy-to-make winter cocktails, perfect for a cozy night in or a festive gathering.

Golden Russet from Chleo, Kingston

– Indulge in this apple-inspired cocktail, where the tartness of calvados and lemon juice is harmoniously balanced by the sweetness of honey. – This refreshing pre-dinner sipper will tantalize your taste buds and prepare your palate for a hearty winter meal.

Mull It Over from Breezy Hill Orchard, Rhinebeck

– Warm yourself up with this classic mulled cider recipe, a perfect base for experimentation and customization. – Add a touch of cloves, allspice, maple syrup, nutmeg, or cranberries to create your unique wintertime beverage.

Candy Cane Martini from The Lemon Squeeze, New Paltz

– Spread holiday cheer with this whimsical and festive candy cane martini, sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. – The combination of candy cane syrup, Baileys Irish Cream, and vanilla vodka creates a delightful peppermint treat, perfect for any holiday party.

American Trilogy from Lone Wolf, Kingston

– Embark on a taste of America with this sophisticated and flavorful cocktail, featuring rye whiskey, applejack, and orange bitters. – The American Trilogy is perfect for sipping after a satisfying dinner, offering a complex and intriguing blend of flavors.

Rum-Maple-Oat Chai from The Catskills Cocktail Club

– Indulge in this creamy, spicy, and mildly boozy rum-maple-oat chai, perfect for a cozy gathering or a festive tailgate party. – The combination of oat milk, chai tea, maple syrup, and dark rum creates a comforting and heartwarming beverage that will warm you from the inside out.

Tips and Substitutions

– Feel free to experiment with different ingredients and adjust quantities to suit your taste preferences. – Substitute applejack for calvados, or vice versa, in the Golden Russet cocktail. – Swap out Baileys Irish Cream for half-and-half in the Candy Cane Martini for a non-alcoholic option. – Use your favorite bourbon or rye whiskey in the American Trilogy instead of Hudson House rye

Cheers to the Cozy Winter Season!

– Gather your friends and family, raise your glasses, and savor these delectable winter cocktails as you embrace the cozy season. – Experiment, personalize, and enjoy the warmth and comfort that these cocktails bring to your winter gatherings.