Why Chatgpt wants phone number ?


The reason of Why Chatgpt wants phone number ? is for just verification purpose and for spam protection also. They want only one user can create one account, some people do spam and create multiple accounts and the server get overloaded thats why ChatGPT need your phone number to insure that you are human and it also help to server to avoid from spam , dead , bot accounts .

Have you attempted to sign up for OpenAI and found yourself stuck at the mobile verification step? If so, you may be wondering why Chat GPT needs your phone number in the first place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the reasons behind this requirement and explore potential solutions for those who are unable to provide a mobile number. Why Chatgpt wants phone number ?

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The Verification Process

When you create an OpenAI account, the company performs two verification steps. The first is through email, and the second is via an SMS text message sent to your mobile. In order to use Chat GPT, users must complete these steps to be granted access.

However, some users may run into issues trying to complete the verification process, particularly if Chat GPT is not available in their country. According to Path of EX, a Reddit user, the language model is available in most developed countries, but it cannot be used in places such as Russia, China, Egypt, Ukraine, and others. Users from these countries have reported difficulty receiving the SMS code during the second verification step.

Limiting Account Creation

One possible reason for requiring a mobile number during the registration process is to limit the number of accounts that users can create. According to Path of EX, most people do not have more than two mobile numbers, but they do have multiple email addresses. Asking for a phone number during registration could be a way to prevent users from creating multiple accounts.

Common Practice

It’s becoming increasingly common for online services to ask for both an email and mobile number during registration. In fact, it’s rare to sign up for an online service and not be asked for this information. As such, it’s likely that OpenAI will continue to use mobile numbers in its registration process.

How to Bypass the Phone Verification Step

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create an OpenAI account without a mobile number. However, there are a few methods you could try to work around the phone verification step.

Use a VPN

One option is to use a VPN to bypass location restrictions, but you will still need to use a mobile number to create an account. According to reports, OpenAI does not accept VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers, but this method could still work if you have a phone from a location where Chat GPT is available.

To do this, set up your VPN and head to the Chat GPT website to create an account. When prompted for your mobile number, make sure to input a number from a location where Chat GPT is available.

Contact OpenAI Support

If you live in a country where OpenAI is available but are having difficulty with the phone verification step, you can contact OpenAI’s support team. They should be able to help you find a resolution to your problem. In the meantime, you can also use a friend or family member’s OpenAI account.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it seems as though OpenAI will continue to use mobile numbers in its registration process. For users who are unable to provide a mobile number, the best solution may be to use a VPN or contact OpenAI’s support team. While it may be difficult to bypass the phone verification step, there are options available. If you found this article helpful, be sure to check out other articles on our website for more information and tips. I hope you got answer for Why Chatgpt wants phone number ?

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