7+1 Awesome AI Tools You Should Totally Check Out!

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Ready to dive into the world of cool AI tools that won’t cost you a dime? We’ve got the lowdown on 7+1 must-try tools that will rock your digital world. Originally spotted on digitalgiraffes.com, these tools bring the perfect mix of fun and functionality.

Krisp.ai — Bye-Bye Background Noise!

Ever find yourself battling with background noise during those work-from-home calls? Krisp.ai to the rescue! It’s like magic – cancels out all that annoying background chatter. And the best part? It’s free for basic use. No need for fancy noise-canceling gadgets – just give it a whirl and enjoy crystal-clear communication.

Noah’s Ark — NFTs with a Twist!

Ready for some fun with NFTs? Check out Noah’s Ark by Alethea AI. These Intelligent NFTs are not just for show – they’re a peek into the future of online interactions. Dive into the Ethereum-powered world of text-to-character avatars and witness the fusion of art and intelligence. It’s a wild ride into the future of digital expression!

Illustroke — Get Creative with SVG!

If you’re into art, Illustroke is your new best friend. It’s all about turning text into cool vector-based art. Play around with it in programs like Illustrator – the possibilities are endless. Test it with two free tokens, and if you’re hooked, grab 50 more for just $5. Let your creative juices flow!

Rokoko AI — Bring Your Avatar to Life!

Lights, camera, action! Rokoko AI’s Video Motion Capture turns you into an animated avatar. Record your moves, upload the video, and watch the magic happen. Edit the motion data and export it to 3D tools like Blender. It’s a free trial, but for top-notch animations, you’ll need their Smartsuit and Smartgloves. Ready to be the star of your own show?

Perplexity AI — Tweet Queries in Plain English!

Ever wanted to ask Twitter a question in simple English? Perplexity AI has your back. It translates your casual questions into SQL code, unlocking insights from the vast Twitterverse. It’s like having a super-smart friend who speaks Twitter – and it’s totally free. Dive into the world of easy-peasy Twitter querying!

Descript — Podcast Editing Made Easy!

Podcasters, rejoice! Descript is here to make your life easier. With a killer transcript for English, editing out those awkward moments is a breeze. Delete what you don’t want, trim the ‘ums’ and ‘uhs,’ and voila! Stress-free podcast production at your fingertips. Best part? There’s a free version to test the waters.

Browse.ai — Web Data Extraction Without the Hassle!

Need to scrape some data off the web? Browse.ai is the answer. This AI-powered, no-code tool extracts structured data like a pro. Train it to grab specific content, and watch the magic happen. Sure, it might hiccup with CAPTCHAs, but most of the time, it gets the job done. And guess what? You get a free option with 200 credits every month. Data extraction made easy!

AI Detector — Spotting AI-Generated Texts!

Curious if a piece of text was crafted by an AI? AI Detector has got your back. It predicts the likelihood of text being AI-generated, even with a nod to our friend ChatGPT. It’s not perfect, especially with shorter texts, but it’s a nifty tool for educators. Keep an eye on this one – it’s evolving!


In a nutshell, these 7+1 AI tools are changing the game. Whether you’re boosting communication, unleashing creativity, or extracting data like a pro, there’s something for everyone. Dive into the tech-savvy world, explore, and witness the awesomeness of these cutting-edge AI tools!


My name is Chetan Mali,
I have a background in mechanical engineering, but my true passion lies in the field of artificial intelligence. I started this blog as a way to share my knowledge and experience with others who are interested in learning more about AI.

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