Is Lakshadweep Really Better Than The Maldives? A Honest Comparison 🏝️

OMG , can you guys believe it?? People are saying that Lakshadweep is even more amazing than the Maldives for tropical vacays! 😍 Is it really true that this Indian island paradise beats out the world famous Maldives? I was sooooo shocked! 😮 As a total pro travel blogger, I just had to do a comparison and settle this debate once and for all! 💁‍♀️

I mean, the Maldives is like every Instagram influencer’s favorite hot spot! 📸 We’ve all seen the pics of the fancy overwater bungalows and beach parties! But apparently Lakshadweep has some serious competition? Umm…say what?! 💬 This pro needed to investigate ASAP!

So I did a bunch of, like, super detailed research (with some help from my tech savvy little bro, lol!) on both Lakshadweep and the Maldives to see which one really comes out on top for anyone looking for a dreamy Indian Ocean vacay. 🧐 And you guys won’t believe what I discovered! Here’s the tea…☕️

Is Lakshadweep Really Better Than The Maldives ?

Lakshadweep vs Maldives

Some Question’s

  • Where Are They Located? 🗺️
  • Which Has Better Beaches and Nature? 🌴
  • Lakshadweep Vs Maldives Accommodations 🏠
  • Foodie Scene – Yaaas or Nah? 🍴
  • Price Comparison – My Jaw Dropped! 💰
  • Transportation and Accessibility 🚢
  • So…Which is Actually Better Though? 🤔

Where Are They Located?

Okay, so let’s start with the basics, shall we? 😉 Where the heck are these two tropical island chains located anyway? This was news to me, but it turns out that Lakshadweep and Maldives are both in the Indian Ocean near India and Sri Lanka! How crazy is that? 😱

But here’s the tea…the Maldives is like a 13 hour flight from India, while Lakshadweep is just a 1-2 hour flight! I know, major difference right?? So if you’re vacationing from India, Lakshadweep definitely takes less time to reach! Convenience factor one goes to Lakshadweep me thinks! 💁‍♀️

Oh and also – get this guys – Lakshadweep is actually part of India! Yup, it’s one of their union territories! Isn’t that so random? Meanwhile Maldives is its own entire country! Just a lil fun fact for ya! 🤓

More Info of Lakshadweep

Islands / CD BlocksPopulationDecennial Growth (%)Assumed Decennial Growth (%)
Agatti + Bangaram707237.9220.00
Chetlat + Bitra255338.2110.00

Which Has Better Beaches and Nature?

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty deets – which place serves up more paradise vibes with their beaches and natural scenery? 🏝️ In the pics I’ve seen, they both look gorgeous tbh! 🌴🌊

So I did some digging, and it turns out they both have super clear, bright turquoise water thanks to the coral reefs! But there’s tea here too…Lakshadweep supposedly has even more types of coral than the Maldives with over 400 species!! 😲 And that means even more colorful fishies and sea creatures to spot if you love snorkeling! Eeeek how magical!! 🐠🐬

Oh and Lakshadweep also has a bunch of uninhabited islands you can visit for ultimate Robinson Crusoe realness! You literally might not see another soul! 🏝️ No crowds, just you and mama nature ~vibes~! The Maldives def does not offer that kind of isolated escapade from what I read. More peeps, less peace!

Soooo beaches and nature wise, I’m gonna say dreamy Lakshadweep wins this round! More biodiversity babes! 🌺💕

Lakshadweep Vs Maldives Accommodations

Lakshadweep corals

Alright, alright, so the beaches are bomb dot com in Lakshadweep…but what about the resorts and hotels? A beach vacay is nothing without a fab pad to stay in! Am I right ladies? 💅

From everything I’ve heard, the Maldives has LEGENDARY resorts – I mean like fancier and more luxe than anything you can imagine! Private plunge pools, outdoor rain showers, glass floors to see the ocean underneath…ex-squeeze me?? 😍 Sign me upppp!!

Sadly Lakshadweep’s hotels don’t seem to be quite as poppin’ just yet. 😔 There’s only one high-end resort under construction (some Taj hotel brand coming in hot!). Otherwise it’s mostly humble guest houses and cottages from what I gathered in my investigation. Cute? Yes! Insta worthy? Mmmnot so much!

Gotta give this win to the Maldives bestie! If you wanna ball out on vacay, that’s defs the spot for lavish living! No competition! 👑💫

Foodie Scene – Yes or Nah? 🍴

Alright so this round may be controversial…but ima just come right out and say it: Lakshadweep has better food! 🍛 There I said it! Come at me! 😤

Lakshadweep cuisine is straight up Indian flavors, hello! Rotis, curries, biryani, the classics! As an Indian food stan, sign me up!! 😋 Meanwhile in Maldives it’s all just fancy schmancy international stuff. And while that’s cool for some peeps, it’s not giving me the comfort food realness I crave on vacay!

Also fun fact: booze isn’t allowed in Lakshadweep cuz of religious rules. So maybe a bummer if you wanna get turnt on the beach… But good news if you tryna detox lol! 🥳

Anyways, Lakshadweep takes the food round in my book! Gimme them samosas baby! 🥟 Yuuuum!!

Price Comparison – My Jaw Dropped! 💰

Alright now for the moment of truth…the part we’ve all been waiting for…drum roll please…the PRICING! 💸 Which of these two island getaways gives ya more bang for your buck? You may want to sit down for this tea…😳

A 7 night vacay to Lakshadweep can cost around $500 USD total. Meanwhile, a week in the Maldives will run you $3,000+ easy!!! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL?? 😱 I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw those numbers side by side! No competition ladies and gents! Lakshadweep takes the crown for budget-friendly tropical perfection by a long-shot! 👑

I mean yeah, the Maldives has those crazy impressive resorts, but $3K for 7 nights? For us average Janes, fuhgeddaboutit! Lakshadweep is where it’s at if you want world class beaches and nature without draining your bank account! #sorrynotsorry 💅💰

Transportation & Accessibility

So we’ve covered all the fun deets like beaches and resorts and cuisine. But what about actually getting to these gorgeous island destinations in the first place? 🤔 This is key info people!!

Maldives definitely wins when it comes to ease of access from overseas. They have modern airports and tons of direct international flights. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!😎

Meanwhile Lakshadweep is kind of off the beaten tourist track. No big airports here! You gotta take a domestic flight or cruise first to reach India’s coast, then a ferry to get between islands. More complex but also means fewer tourists. So pros and cons depending how you look at it!

I will say transport within the islands (like little ferry boats etc) seems way more fun and colorful in Lakshadweep vs private jet planes in Maldives, lol! But that’s just this travel pro personal opinion obvs! 😝🛥️

So…Which is Actually Better Though? 🤔

The moment of truth babes…drum roll please again…according to all my official investigatory research, Lakshadweep does seem to come out ahead when comparing the two! 🏆

Lakshadweep wins on location (closer to India), beaches & nature (more pristine coral), culture (authentic Indian village vibes), food (roti and curry 4 life!) and most importantly COST! 💰 Like it’s not even a question, Lakshadweep cannot be beat if you’re on a budget!

But there are some definite perks to Maldives too obvi! 😉 If you want super luxe living and don’t care how much your credit card hurts, those resorts are next level! So really it comes down to your priorities and preferences. 💭

At the end of the day, us travel pro just wanna chill on pretty beaches without going broke, am I right? 😎 So for me personally, if I had to pick between Lakshadweep vs Maldives for an affordable island vacay, Lakshadweep would be my number one choice! 🥇

But what do you guys think? Have I spilled enough tea in my lil investigation here? 😝 Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! And as always, happy budget travels fellow pro ! ✌️🌴💕


Is Lakshadweep a country ?

No, Lakshadweep is not a country. It is a union territory of India, located in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Kerala. It consists of a group of 36 islands, only 10 of which are inhabited.

Why Lakshadweep Are Called Coral Islands?

Lakshadweep islands are called coral islands because they’re made up of coral reefs, formed by the buildup of skeletons of tiny marine animals called coral polyps over millions of years. These reefs eventually rise above sea level, creating the idyllic islands we see today.


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