Do you like Solo Leveling? You will also love these other Anime’s

Find out which anime are similar to  Solo Leveling  that you will love if you liked said anime.

With its anime adaptation,  Solo Leveling  has become one of the most popular contemporary anime. Coming from the mahwa of the same name, the plot of this universe is interesting, because in it we can witness an entire magical world in which powers, bloody battles and more converge.

Do you really like  Solo Leveling  and would you love to be able to see animes that are similar or close to it in terms of style? If so, you definitely have to know  the 6 animes that you will love if you like Solo Leveling,  without further ado, let’s get started.

The best anime similar to Solo Leveling that you will love

Anime Similar To  Solo Leveling

The best anime similar to  Solo Leveling,  that you will love, are the following:

  • Hunter x Hunter
  • DanMachi
  • Tower of God
  • One Punch Man
  • Attack the titans
  • Overlord

How are these animes similar to Solo Leveling ? First of all, in  Hunter x Hunter  there are also hunters who are ranked by their performance.

In  DanMachi,  similar to Solo Leveling, its story takes place in dungeons and dungeons and its protagonist must face powerful monsters.

In Tower of God,  which is also an anime adaptation of a manhwa, its protagonist must face dangers for someone important, as well as overcome obstacles and increase his strength to continue advancing in his mission.

In One Punch-Man,  you will find similarities with this anime, since there are structures to be able to classify its characters according to their power and skill, that is, its heroes will receive categories.

Regarding  Attack on Titan,  its similarity lies in its characters, since they will experience traumatic moments that will make them change their lives, perspective and personality.

Finally, with  Overlord , which is one of the best isekai of all time, you will see how the video game concepts of both works are intertwined.


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