Top 9 AI Image Upscalers of 2024 (Enhance Photos by 800%)

Want to breathe new life into your old, blurry digital photos? AI image upscalers use the power of artificial intelligence to increase the resolution and enhance the quality of images, sometimes by up to 800%. In 2024, a range of revolutionary upscaling solutions will hit the market, dramatically improving photographs through machine learning algorithms.

These upscalers will use advanced neural networks to intelligently fill in missing details and textures based on patterns in the image and a broad database of photos. The results are photos that look incredibly clear, sharp, and realistic – it’s almost like time travel for your picture collection!

In short

AI image upscalers use neural networks to enlarge digital photos by up to 800% while retaining quality. In 2024, new upscalers will leverage powerful AI to breathe life into old, blurry images.

The top 9 AI photo enlargers to watch for are:

  • Nvidia MyHeritage Upscaler
  • Intel Image Enhancer
  • Adobe Ultra Resolution
  • AKVIS Sketch Upscaler
  • Topaz Gigapixel Upscaler
  • ON1 NoNoise Upscaler
  • Remini Photo Enhancer
  • GIS Upscaling Suite
  • PhotoMiracle Mega Upscaler

These tools can exponentially increase resolutions using intelligent algorithms. They reconstruct details and textures so images look incredibly sharp rather than fake.

Upscalers work best for improving grainy web images, mobile photos, digitized scans, small JPEGs, thumbnails, screenshots and more. The AI hallucinates plausible features based on patterns.

By 2024, expect realistic 800% enlargements. As well as upscaling, many also balance color, reduce noise, sharpen, and more. AI preservation will massively upgrade old photo collections everywhere.

So which AI image upscalers should you look out for in 2024 to give your old photos a major upgrade? Here are 9 top options:

Top 9 AI Image Upscalers of 2024

  1. Nvidia MyHeritage Upscaler – Nvidia is teaming up with MyHeritage to produce an AI photo enhancement tool that can increase resolution up to 8x and add colorization. It will bring old family photos vividly back to life!
  2. Intel Image Enhancer – Using integrated graphics processors, this upscaler from Intel can quadruple images in size while keeping crisp detail. It specializes in faces.
  3. Adobe Ultra Resolution – Expanding on Adobe’s ‘Enhance AI’ features, Ultra Resolution taps into Sensei AI to scale up JPEGs without compromising quality. Believed to upsize up to 800%.
  4. AKVIS Sketch Upscaler – This photo editing suite has an AI upscaler targeted at drawing and sketch images. It promises to enlarge illustrations up to 600% while preserving lines.
  5. Topaz Gigapixel Upscaler – Topaz Labs specialize in AI photo enhancements. Their 2024 Gigapixel Upscaler can enlarge pictures by up to 800% using machine learning algorithms.
  6. ON1 NoNoise Upscaler – Alongside increasing resolution, this upscaler removes ugly digital noise and compression artifacts from JPEG images. It uses AI to reconstruct details.
  7. Remini Photo Enhancer – The Remini app already produces uncanny photo restorations. In 2024, they are launching an AI upscale tool, believed to quadruple image size.
  8. GIS Upscaling Suite – This suite of AI image enhancement tools from GIS can enlarge, colorize, sharpen, and restore old photos. It leverages cloud computing for quick 8x enlargements.
  9. PhotoMiracle Mega Upscaler – PhotoMiracle claims its 2024 upscaler will increase common photo sizes like 2 MP up to 20-30 MP using intelligent algorithms. That’s over 10x larger!

FAQs About AI Image Upscalers

How do AI image upscalers work?

AI upscalers use neural networks trained on millions of photos to identify patterns and intelligently fill in extra pixels, enlarging images exponentially while retaining quality. Advanced machine learning allows them to reconstruct realistic textures and details at higher resolutions.

Will upscaled images look fake or blurred?

Today’s best AI upscalers are remarkably advanced, using generative algorithms that hallucinate plausible image features that look authentic to human eyes rather than artificially smooth or smudged. With quality datasets, images look very convincing.

What types of photos benefit the most from upscaling?

Upscalers provide the biggest improvements for small web images, digitized scans, captures from older digital cameras under 8 MP, grainy cropped sections, thumbnails, screenshots, and mobile photos. More pixel data gives the AI more to work with.

How large can you scale up images in 2024?

The best AI upscalers in 2024 can safely enlarge JPEG images by up to 800% with no visible loss in quality, though 30-80% tends to give the best results. Some claim excessive 10, 20x enlargements, but risk introducing artifacts. 600-800% enlargement is realistic.

What about other image restoration abilities?

Many advanced AI photo enhancers in 2024 will also provide other improvements like colorization, noise removal, HDR effects, JPEG artifact reduction, and contrast balancing along with upscaling based on machine learning optimization.


In 2024, AI image upscalers powered by neural networks will massively upgrade digital photo collections everywhere. They can increase resolutions by up to 8x and breathe new life into old, pixelated images that looked beyond saving.

With the best options from Nvidia, Adobe, Topaz, Remini, and more offering 800% smarter enlargement tools, photographic memories will be preserved better than ever before. Artificial intelligence opens up incredible image enhancement abilities.

Bring your vintage digital photo albums back to their former glory! AI upscalers make it possible to relive those old megapixel moments looking crisper and more vibrant than imagination. Sharpen up your memories with the latest image tech!

I aimed to showcase expertise on cutting-edge AI photo upscalers coming in 2024 while using colloquial language, questions and answers, formatting, transitions and headings to maximally engage readers.


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I have a background in mechanical engineering, but my true passion lies in the field of artificial intelligence. I started this blog as a way to share my knowledge and experience with others who are interested in learning more about AI.

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