Create a Song & Music Video with Suno AI & kaiber AI Tools

Create a Song & Music Video with Suno & kaiber AI Tools | Suno for song creation, and kaiber ai, Plasma Punk, and Decoherence for video generation. So, let’s dive into the world of AI creativity!

In the age of artificial intelligence, creative endeavors have reached new heights. One fascinating application of AI is the ability to create entirely unique songs and music videos. In this article, we will explore how AI tools can be harnessed to craft an original song and a visually captivating music video. We’ll take you through the process step by step, using three different AI-powered platforms: Suno for song creation, and kaiber ai, Plasma Punk, and Decoherence for video generation. So, let’s dive into the world of AI creativity!

1. Getting Started with Suno

Understanding Suno ai

Suno is the first stop on our journey to create a unique AI-generated song and music video. It’s a powerful tool designed to help you compose music effortlessly. Suno offers a free plan that allows up to 25 generations per month, making it accessible for beginners and enthusiasts.

Accessing Suno’s ai Free Plan

To begin using Suno, visit their website at . You’ll find a “Try the Beta” button on Discord. This will open their Discord Channel, where you can access various generation rooms to create your music.

Setting up Suno ai for Private Generation

If you prefer private music generation, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Suno ai Discord Channel.
  2. Adjust your privacy settings to enable direct messages.
  3. Start a private message with the Suno ai chirp bot.
  4. Use the “/chirp” command to initiate music generation.

2. Creating Your AI-Generated Song

Choosing the Music Style

Now that you’re set up with Suno ai, it’s time to let your creativity flow. Select a music style that aligns with your vision. In this example, we chose “Bluegrass” for its rustic charm.

Letting AI Compose the Lyrics

Suno ai allows AI to take the reins in crafting your song’s lyrics. You can specify the theme or let the AI generate lyrics based on your chosen style. In this case, we requested a song about AI’s fun side, even if it may eventually take over the world.

Customizing Your AI-Generated Song

After generating the initial lyrics, you can further customize your song. You might choose to extend a particular section or modify the lyrics to fit your creative vision.

3. Converting Your Song to an MP3

Before diving into video creation, convert your AI-generated song into an MP3 format. This step separates the audio from the video, giving you more control over the music in your final product.

4. Crafting a Music Video with AI

kaiber ai: The Creative Visualizer

kaiber ai is our first video generation tool. It offers a free plan with a 7-day trial. kaiber ai specializes in creating visually captivating videos that synchronize with your music.

Uploading Your Audio

Begin by uploading your MP3 file to kaiber ai. This serves as the foundation for your music video.

Selecting a Scene

Describe the scene you envision for your video. In our example, we aimed for a futuristic farm operated by AI robots. kaiber ai will use this description to generate images that match your theme.

Adding Motion to Your Video

Customize your video by choosing camera movements and audio reactivity settings. These settings control how your video responds to the music, creating a dynamic visual experience. You can experiment with different settings to achieve your desired effect.

Plasma Punk: The Psychedelic Animator

Plasma Punk is our second video generation tool, offering a free tier with video length limitations. It specializes in creating visually striking, psychedelic animations that complement your music.

Selecting the Audio

Upload your MP3 file to Plasma Punk to sync your video with your AI-generated song.

Choosing an Image Generation Model

Plasma Punk offers several image generation models. Depending on your credits, you can select a model that suits your needs. For our example, we chose “Stable Diffusion XL.”

Setting the Video Style

Define the style of your video. Plasma Punk provides various styles to choose from. We opted for “Colorful Photo Realistic” to create a visually stimulating experience.

Decoherence: The Artistic Video Editor

Decoherence is our third video generation tool, offering a free trial with limited credits. It empowers you to edit and enhance your video’s visual elements with precision.

Importing Your Audio

Start by importing your MP3 file into Decoherence. The platform dissects your audio into components like vocals, drums, and bass, providing fine-grained control over your video’s visual response to each element.

Creating Scenes

Describe the scenes you want in your video. Decoherence uses your descriptions to generate visuals that match your narrative. In our case, we envisioned a farm and an old man playing guitar in a futuristic city.

Adding Visual Effects

Enhance your video with a wide range of visual effects. You can sync these effects to specific audio components, creating a harmonious blend of music and visuals.

5. Combining Videos for a Unique Experience

Now that you have three AI-generated videos, it’s time to merge them into a cohesive masterpiece. You can use video editing software like DaVinci Resolve to combine and fine-tune your videos. Ensure that the transitions are smooth and the overall flow aligns with your creative vision.

6. FAQs About AI-Created Songs and Videos

Can AI-generated songs replace human musicians?

AI-generated songs offer a new creative frontier but don’t replace human musicians. They complement the music industry by providing unique compositions and assisting artists.

Are there copyright issues with AI-generated music?

Copyright laws around AI-generated music are evolving. Generally, the AI creator or the user who initiated the AI process holds the copyright. However, this varies by jurisdiction.

How do I choose the right AI tool for my project?

Select an AI tool based on your project’s requirements. Consider factors like music style, video type, and your budget. Experiment with different tools to find the best fit.

What are the limitations of AI in music and video creation?

AI has limitations in creativity and emotional depth compared to humans. It’s a tool to aid creativity, not replace it. Also, AI tools may require fine-tuning for specific projects.

Can AI-generated content evoke emotions like human-made art?

AI can create emotionally resonant content, but it lacks the depth of human creativity. Emotions evoked by AI-generated art may vary widely among viewers.

Are AI-generated songs and videos considered art?

AI-generated content is increasingly recognized as a form of art. The fusion of technology and creativity challenges traditional definitions of art.

7. Conclusion

In this journey through the world of AI creativity, we’ve explored how to create an original song and music video using AI tools like Suno ai , kaiber ai, Plasma Punk, and Decoherence. These tools empower artists and creators to produce unique and visually captivating content that blurs the line between technology and art.

As AI continues to advance, we can expect even more exciting possibilities for artistic expression. Embrace the fusion of technology and artistry, and let your creativity run wild as you explore the endless possibilities of AI-generated songs and videos.


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