Top 5 ChatGPT detectors in 2023

ChatGPT detectors :- If you use OpenAI’s language model frequently, you may be curious about the ChatGPT identification tools currently available. This article will delve into the current technologies that can detect machine-generated texts.

For those unfamiliar, ChatGPT is an innovative online AI model made freely available to the public at the end of last year. This AI bot has become famous for its human-like responses and ability to perform virtually any task. Many users take advantage of this model by using it for essay writing, coding tasks, and creative content generation.

Recently, media company Buzzfeed announced that they would use the technology behind ChatGPT to create written content for their site. This marks a major step for AI, but there are already mounting concerns about AI models like ChatGPT replacing human writers, and unfortunately, it is already happening!

An important issue with widely available AI models like ChatGPT is that many students no longer write their own assignments.

To combat this, anti-cheating software companies and AI detection businesses play a game of cat and mouse trying to keep up with ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Some have already caught up, and we will outline these AI detectors below. So let’s dive in.


GPTZero is a tool developed by 22-year-old Edward Tian from Princeton University. The app claims to identify texts created by ChatGPT, and recently has had a 98% success rate. The pilot version of GPTZero is free on their website.

The tool measures two attributes of the generated text: perplexity and burstiness. In Tian’s words, “perplexity measures randomness.” The higher the perplexity or the more random the text is, the higher the chance a human wrote it.

Burstiness relates to how intricate the sentences are. Humans typically write using varied sentence lengths to create impact, whereas AI models tend to write more consistently. By examining both perplexity and burstiness, Tian has produced a dependable ChatGPT identifier.

Corrector App

Corrector App’s AI Content Detector is another free online tool that supposedly recognizes ChatGPT-generated texts. According to the website, the tool specifically identifies texts created with assistance from a GPT-3 model.

To check a piece of work, you can paste up to 300 words at a time and analyze the passage. The tool runs syntax and semantics evaluations on the submission. It then calculates a “fake” percentage score indicating the likelihood of the text being machine-generated.

OpenAI’s AI Text Classifier

Recently, OpenAI released their version of an AI detector called AI Text Classifier. The beta version of the tool is free on their website.

According to OpenAI, the detector has various restrictions, but the company believes it may be useful for the public. The service estimates the probability of text being AI-generated. Please note that the tool is not 100% accurate, so there is a risk of misidentification.


GPTRadar is another ChatGPT and AI detector created by Alessio Nittoli and Antonio Cappiello. It uses OpenAI GPT-3 to determine if written content is authored by a human or generated by a machine.

The tool can be used for free without signing up initially, but you will need to purchase credits to detect more text. You can learn more at the GPTRadar website.

What is a ChatGPT Identifier?

A piece of software that can identify text created by ChatGPT is called an ChatGPT identifier. They use a variety of techniques and are not entirely trustworthy. However, they are becoming into helpful instruments in the struggle against cheating and fraud assisted by AI.

Final Thoughts

Those are some ChatGPT detectors currently available. As time passes, detection technology will likely become more advanced, making it almost impossible to get away with machine-generated essays and assignments.

It is important to note that OpenAI has already announced that they will create watermarks to attach to ChatGPT’s responses in the future. This will indicate when the text was generated using their model, making ChatGPT detection much simpler in the future.

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