What is seed in AI image generators

Have you ever wondered how AI generates unique and captivating images? The answer lies in the humble seed.

A seed in AI art is a series of numbers that tells the AI how to generate an image. It’s like the blueprint for a work of art, guiding the AI as it creates something new and unique. By generating a random seed and then generating off it, the AI can create an endless variety of images.

And the best part? If you put in the same prompt, seed, and settings, you’ll get the exact same image every time. The seed number can even be found in the bottom left corner of the generated image.

But seeds aren’t just for generating images, they also play a critical role in the creative process. Artists can use different seeds to explore variations on a theme, or even collaborate with others by sharing their favorite seed values.

So next time you’re marveling at an AI-generated image, remember the seed that made it all possible. It’s the key to unlocking the secrets of AI art.

What is a seed in Stable Diffusion?

A seed is a random number used in Stable Diffusion to start the model’s training phase. The random number generator, which is used to create random numbers for several operations such weight initialization, data shuffling, and data augmentation, is initialised with the seed value.

A varied seed value will produce various beginning weights and random operations, which will result in a different training process result. Because the same seed value will provide the same result every time, using a seed facilitates reproducibility in the training process. It also enables comparisons between various runs with various seeds to assess the model’s resilience.

What do image generator seeds do in AI image generation ?

In AI art, a seed is a starting point for the random number generator. It’s a value that is used to initialize the random number generator, which is responsible for generating random numbers for various operations such as image generation and data augmentation. The seed value plays a crucial role in the AI’s ability to create unique and captivating images.

When the AI art is generated with default seed value of -1, it tells the random number generator to use a truly random seed, resulting in different images each time, even with all other values the same. This allows for infinite possibilities and new image each time.

On the other hand, if a specific number is supplied as the seed, it allows for reproducibility in the image generation process. The same seed value will always result in the same image, providing a way for artists and researchers to compare and evaluate different AI generated images.

In short, a seed in AI art is a key element that provides the starting point for the random number generator, which plays a crucial role in the creation of unique and captivating images.


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