WhatsApp’s New Audio Sharing Over Video Calls ! What’s the Buzz?

In short

In short

  • Just got the scoop on WhatsApp beta for Android!
  • They’re droppin’ hints about cookin’ up a new music/audio sharing feature for video calls.
  • Picture this: You’re on a video call, screen sharin’, and bam! You can share your device audio too!
  • Hold up, though—it’s still in the works, but it’s headin’ our way on Android and iOS real soon.

Yo, peeps! Guess what’s poppin’ at WhatsApp HQ? They’re cookin’ up some fresh vibes, and in the newest beta update, we’re spillin’ the tea about a wild feature coming soon. Brace yourselves, ’cause WhatsApp is about to drop the beats with music/audio-sharing. Let’s dive into the deets!

The Lowdown on the Feature

So, get this when you’re on a video call and flexin’ that screen sharing, you’ll soon be able to vibe with your squad by sharing music or audio. It’s like a virtual jam session, ya know?

Beta Buzz

WABetaInfo peeps caught a sneak peek of this cool stuff in the latest WhatsApp Android beta update (version Hold up, though it’s still in the oven, baking and stuff. But if you’re feelin’ adventurous, grab that beta from the Google Play Store.

What’s the Hype?

This feature is a game-changer for WhatsApp video calls. It’s like WhatsApp’s version of Apple’s SharePlay in FaceTime. It’s gonna take your video call game to a whole new level, just like Apple did for iPhone and Mac users.

Sneak Peek Alert!

Picture this: You’re screen sharing on WhatsApp, and bam! A pop-up shows up, giving you the green light to share the tunes. If you’re down for it, everyone on the call can groove together to the sick beats playing on your device.

So, there you have it, folks! WhatsApp’s cooking up some audio-sharing magic, and soon, your virtual hangouts will be lit with shared vibes. Stay tuned for the drop!

New WhatsApp Sound Stuff

Yo, peeps! Check this out—there’s some new sound action cookin’ up in WhatsApp, and I gotta spill the deets. But, like, don’t get too hyped ’cause it’s got some quirks.

When It Works

So, this sound thing won’t kick in unless you’re screen sharin’ or on a voice call. No screen share or chat, no sound party. Keep that in mind, ya feel?

Mute or Nah?

Here’s the deal—it’s a bit fuzzy, but I bet WhatsApp’s gonna drop an option to mute or shut off the sound even when you’re showing your screen. ‘Cause, you know, not everyone wants to blast their tunes to the whole crew.

Under Construction

Hold up, though. This feature’s still in the oven, and there’s no exact date when it’ll hit everyone’s phones. It’s like a mystery surprise party, but for your ears.

Pro Vibes?

Word is, this sound thing might make WhatsApp all fancy for serious stuff. Like, imagine businesses usin’ it for meetings instead of those other video call apps. It’s like WhatsApp’s glowin’ up.

My Plans

Me? I’m gonna use this sound thing for epic watch parties with my crew. Imagine binging shows and movies with a sound party—way more fun, right? Hope they drop it on the computer version too.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think about WhatsApp gettin’ all musical? Drop your thoughts in the comments, peeps! 🎶✨



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